The Color Obstacle Rush is a unique event combining the fun of colour powdered runs, the thrill of an obstacle course and the atmosphere of a music festival.

Color Obstacle Rush Belgium

The most fun run on Earth – the only one with 20 obstacles, 6 colour stations, 20 music zones, foam and more​ – will come for the first time to Belgium in 2020! We are super excited, hopefully you’ll join the fun!

Color Obstacle Rush Belgium

We’ll introduce 20 diverse and crazy fun obstacles in 2020! Also, you’ll get doused with colour at 6 stations while the music around the whole 5 km course keeps you pumped up all the way to the finish!

Color Obstacle Rush Belgium

There’s a lot happening outside the 5 km course too.

In addition to the 6 on-course colour stations, you’ll get coloured up during Warm-ups and Colour Festivals!



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